In the Media

The Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center has been relied upon for commentary by the media for insights into security issues affecting how we live, work and travel since its inception in 1991. We have appeared in print in newspapers and periodicals circulated across the United States and around the globe. We have been interviewed in television studios, radio stations, on location and by telephone providing live commentary on unfolding security issues as they occur. We are regular guests on news shows on all of the major networks and cable news channels commenting and debating safety and security issues of interest and concern to all segments of society in all regions of the nation and in foreign nations as well.

Because we provide up to date information on the topics about which we speak, we have been called upon hundreds of times by the media for information, views and explanations concerning the ever-changing security issues that affect our lives daily. Because of our experience in dealing with security issues on both the public and private sides, we often can provide unique analysis on questions that require a broad perspective to understand.

We are dedicated to providing unbiased information about the topics of which we speak unaffected by any personal interest in one side or the other in the questions under review. We consider our primary role as providing information, education and training and to that end we endeavor to provide a complete and accurate analysis of the foreseeable risks of crime and terrorism and the violence, chaos and disruption they bring into our lives. We hope by doing so to offer guidance on how best to analyze the risks we face, to discover our own vulnerabilities to those risks and to provide alternatives on how to best limit our exposure to danger and the harm it inflicts.