Expert Witness Services

All security practitioners do not have the same skill sets yet all too often the selection of a security expert is based upon an impressive resume but one containing little or no experience in the issue at the core of the litigation. This is often the case because security practitioners find themselves dealing in areas in which the general public has no experience and little first hand knowledge and therefore are prone to make decisions on impressions about security rather than facts. Unfortunately offering a personal opinion as opposed to an expert opinion often gets by unchallenged because the scrutiny that should be applied to a security practitioner’s relevant experience is not provided as there are few guidelines to go by in evaluating the relevant credentials of security personnel. Just as w most professions have areas of specialization, the same is often true of security professionals and vetting their backgrounds is basic to determining their expertise to opine on a particular aspect of litigation. The ability to evaluate the training and experience of a security expert provides a distinct advantage in both retaining an expert and evaluating your opponent’s.

Issues dealing with the adequacy of security under given circumstances ranges from security at a public venues such as stadiums or shopping centers, to apartment houses, hospitals, schools, workplaces and even the local tavern. Providing reasonable security against an assault in a college dormitory, the theft an automobile from a public garage, or policing a riot will call for different skill sets often only acquired from relevant experience. Under some circumstances, technical experience and specific training are what is needed to carry the argument. The expert’s depth of experience, training and education in relevant areas likely to become issues in the litigation will help the jury’s focus in deciding the question of the adequacy of the security under consideration. It is the expert’s ability to explain how and why security personnel, procedures, and equipment are best employed under given circumstances that validates the expert testimony that is being offered.

FRAC can provide expert security testimony on a broad range of security issues which can be supported by the relevant training, education and experience of its experts. FRAC’s background in the development of security curricula and the teaching and training of both public and private security personnel cover most aspects covered in security litigation. Its hands on experience in providing security personnel and investigators for government and industry have provided a solid background for testimony based on first hand knowledge. Its training in the law provide an additional dimension in evaluating issues of reasonableness and negligence liability for a host of areas likely to be under review in any form of security litigation. FRAC personnel have been retained as experts in litigation in every region of the country.