Litigation Strategies

Whether you are defending against or prosecuting a security negligence claim part of proving your case will require assembling physical and testimonial evidence to support your theory of the case. Familiarity with recognized security sources, understanding the limits of security equipment, determining security expertise, and the ability to analyze prior and existing statistics with regard to similar crimes are just a few of the many areas that need to be pursued in case preparation. Whether the opponent’s weakness is found in the expertise of its security expert in relevant areas of security; or in the failure to recognize foreseeable crimes risks; or in reliance on security protocols and equipment not properly employed or maintained for the purposes for which they are being relied upon, selecting the most advantageous attack strategies can be crucial and can lead to an early resolution of the litigation before trial.

With years of experience in preparing for and participating in private security and public law enforcement training and security litigation issues ranging from use of force and false imprisonment by law enforcement personnel to corporate theft, assault in residences and rape on campuses, FRAC is prepared to help in the planning and development of necessary security litigation arguments. FRAC knows what security related evidence is persuasive in supporting the position of the plaintiff or defendant, how to present that evidence in the most favorable light and how to secure that evidence in an accurate and timely fashion.

FRAC is experienced in working with parties to litigation and counsel in developing strategies that support the theory of the case and is prepared to accept its appropriate role as a consultant to the litigation in a cooperative and competent manner. FRAC does not offer legal advice as such on any issue but is prepared to provide direction for inquiries made by parties to their counsel.