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All too often, an organization experiences an impact on the safety of its workforce from an unexpected disruption of government services. A strike shuts down mass transit; a power outage interrupts the flow of water; a hurricane destroys employees’ homes; a tornado or earthquake causes injury or death. Some organizations have emergency protocols developed and they are immediately employed in providing aid to those in need. For those who must turn to government to meet their immediate needs, their losses continue to mount as over taxed agencies try to respond to wide-spread demands for help. Regardless of the size of the group confronted with the need to both resume normal operations as quickly a possible and keep its personnel secure, having a plan and being prepared to implement it may make the difference between closing the doors forever and resuming operations quickly.

Developing a security plan to respond to tragedies of all kinds requires an understanding of how to organize and utilize existing assets. Whether your organization has a security department, uses contract security services or simply monitors its security needs informally, in today’s environment, a security program to respond to emergencies flowing from natural disasters, criminal acts or the work of terrorists, is your insurance that you understand the nature and extent of your vulnerabilities and have in place a program to protect yourself in a crisis, and enables you to respond effectively after the crisis has struck.

Security Consulting Services Include:

Development of an Emergency Response Plan
Building a Security Program In-house
Using Technology in Crime Prevention and Loss Control
Specialized Security Training
Security Liability Issues


When terrorists attacked New York’s World Trade Center, the shock of the event left most civilized people reeling from the magnitude of the destruction and death visited on America. Immediately we came together as one in our resolve to comfort those who without warning suffered the heart breaking loss of loved ones, to show our support and admiration for those who worked day and night to save lives, and to express our intention to find and punish those responsible for the indescribable tragedy of what took place on September 11th.

As is the case even after the most tragic of events, a search begins to identify others who will be asked to share in the responsibility for even the criminal acts of usually unknown third parties in an effort to make the survivors “whole,” in the financial sense, for the dollar value of their losses. For those who had a duty to foresee the consequences of criminal acts, even acts of terrorists, on a segment of the public they will likely be asked to account for their conduct in fulfilling their duty to provide reasonable security against reasonably foreseeable risks of crime.

Whether an injury to a member of the public was deemed caused by the failure of your security employees to find a box cutter in a carry-on bag in an airport; or was the result of an assault on the tenant in an office building by a trespasser who as not stopped at the front door; occurred at the end of a policeman’s baton used with alleged excessive force; or was the result of a random shooting at the mall by a deranged teenager, someone, usually not the perpetrator, will be asked to make the victim whole for the resulting damages.

Despite the existence of good security, crimes occur and losses are sustained. In order to both insulate against claims liability for negligent security and support or defend litigation based on security negligence an expert analysis of the defendant’s security program, its reasonably foreseeable risks and its response to security breaches should be undertaken as part of any litigation preparation.

Litigation Support Services Include:

Expert Incident Analysis
Litigation Strategies
Expert Witness Services