Consulting Services

Welcome to or the Foreseeable Risk Analysis Center. Since 1991 we have been providing business consulting and foreseeable risk analysis. Our goal is the prevention of foreseeable risks associated with operating a business or various private and public institutions. We will examine and uncover possible risks of negligence so businesses and institutions are protected and thoroughly trained against potential liabilities. Contact us Today for a consultation

Our Areas Of Expertise Include


  • Consulting and Litigation
  • Legal Issues
  • Private Sector Security
  • Public Sector Security
  • Governmental Institutions.
  • Hotel Management
  • Aviation Security
  • Travel and Tourism Industry
  • School and Community
  • Real Estate Management
  • Consulting and Litigation
  • Law Enforcement
  • Security Negligence
  • Home and Family
  • Child Protection
  • Commercial Activities
  • Industrial Organization

Foreseeable Risk Services


  • Training law enforcement and private sector security managers and staffs on the elements of negligence relevant to the duty to provide reasonable security from reasonably foreseeable risks of disruption, chaos and violence.
  • Litigation support in matters relating to negligent hiring, training, response, supervision, and management of law enforcement and security personnel.
  • Development of security programs and manuals unique to private and public organizations covering duties and responsibilities, tables of organization and codes of conduct.
  • Evaluations and testimony on critical issues relating to all phases of aviation security for and before governmental agencies and special investigative committees such as and including presidential commissions investigating the causes of Pan Am 103 (Lockerbee) and TWA 800 explosion over the Atlantic.
  • Federally sponsored training programs. Training for correction managers nation-wide on Constitutional Rights of Prisoners and Leadership Management.
  • Support and participation in radio and television broadcasts and news interviews covering aviation incidents, terrorism events, school and workplace violence, riots and civil and police use of force issues.

Seminars and lectures

Public speaking on issues covering safety and security for individuals, organizations, universities and private and public agencies.

Principles Of Foreseeable Risk Analysts Center